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Course overview

During this workshop you will dive deep into TypeScript’s advanced features. First, we’ll see how to make type checks stricter so that TypeScript can catch more errors for you. Importantly, you’ll also learn how enable stricter checks on large existing codebases. Second, we’ll go through TypeScript’s many advanced types and see how they can be useful. Next, we’ll investigate TypeScript’s support for functional programming, which is becoming the dominant paradigm in frontend development. Finally, we’ll look at some of the features that are included in TypeScript’s roadmap so that when they finally come, you’ll be ready for them!

Stricter Type Checking

  • No implicit any
  • Strict null checks
  • Strict function types
  • Strict property initialisation
  • Enabling strict mode in existing codebase
  • Type checking gotchas

Advanced Types in Action

  • Type guards
  • Conditional types
  • Discriminated unions
  • Mapped types
  • Index types

Functional Programming and Types

  • Function types
  • Type-level immutability
  • Higher-order function type inference
  • Category theory
  • Typing Redux

Future TypeScript

  • Partial type argument inference
  • Variadic types
  • Nominal typing


  • All attendees should bring their own laptop
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