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Scalable Node.js with NestJS
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Course overview

When Node.js came up for the first time, it was considered as an outstanding revolution. After few years, the platform evolved substantially, albeit, tooling wasn't good enough to compete with mature technologies from other languages. NestJS has been formed to bring hope back by applying modern techniques and design patterns to the Node.js world. Finally, we've got a framework that allows creating progressive server-side applications, we back to the game!

In this workshop, Kamil, author of Nest, will go beyond getting started with Nest, but also learn you why it could greatly increase your productivity when creating server-side applications. You’ll get familiar with the framework basics as well as best practices and common pitfalls. This will help you better understand how to leverage the framework and take advantage of latest JavaScript features. Through this workshop, we will build a simple RESTful API with several endpoints exposed. However, the key idea that lives behind this session is to learn how to create a scalable, maintainable and extensible Node.js systems by taking advantage of NestJS features.


  • Basic knowledge of TypeScript (or at least latest JavaScript ES6 features)
  • Basic command line workflow with Git
  • A Node.js installed on your machine
  • All attendees should bring their own laptop
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