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Tomasz Ducin

Trainer: Tomasz Ducin

Course overview

Whether you’re using one or another framework... this or that library for state management… prefer either promises, async await, or RxJS for your async operations… rather sooner than later you’ll find yourself in situations where expert knowledge of the JavaScript language will be crucial to find more scalable and more performant solutions. This workshop will raise your JS skills in regards to not only the modern language specs and various usecases, but will also apply to general architectural styles and design patterns. This hands-on workshop includes:

What you learn

  • Performant data processing using Functional Programming
  • Advanced usage of promises and async await
  • Advanced async operations, such as: sequential and concurrent processing, retries, caching and cache invalidation
  • Change tracking and immutability
  • Iteration across various data structures, both sync and async
  • Increasing code reusability with decorators and composition

All exercises will be implemented in TDD, against a suite of automatic tests.


  • Bring your laptop! An important part of the training is dedicated to building apps together and testing things in real time.
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