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Hook up your React - Master Class
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Tomasz Ducin

Trainer: Tomasz Ducin

Course overview

Hooks is the new approach to tackle complex and cross cutting concerns in React applications. Not only it is the most important way forward for React, but also it becomes a standard architecture, being reimplemented in other major frameworks, becoming a de facto frontend standard. It is, however, completely different way to code than what you might be familiar with - and that’s why you should attend the workshop on hooks!

What you learn

  • Why you might need hooks over classes
  • Handle complex state updates and contexts
  • Handle side effects, such as HTTP calls and realtime events
  • To handle persistent and in-memory caches
  • Handle UI changes and user interactions
  • How to turn class components into hook-based functions
  • Details of the internals hooks implementation

And many more, best practices and common mistakes included.


  • All attendees should bring their own laptop
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