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Full-stack JS for Angular developers - Master Class
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Nir Kaufman

Trainer: Nir Kaufman

Course overview

During this workshop, we will implement a complete solution from scratch on top a full JavaScript stack using Angular as our frontend framework and NestJS as the backend. We will learn how to design, structure and build a fully functional application using the latest tools and real-world practices. We will focus on advanced patterns and techniques. This workshop aimed for front-end Angular developers who want to expand their skills and knowledge and build a full-stack JavaScript web application.

What you learn

  • Architecture patterns
  • Design and project structure
  • Dynamic content rendering patterns in Angular
  • Leverage TypeScript across the stack
  • Building reusable components with the Angular CDK
  • Clean code and modern patterns for both Angular and Nest
  • Implementing an Authentication flow across the stack
  • Real world practical tips and techniques


  • Basic understanding of JavaScript & Angular
  • All attendees should bring their own laptop
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