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Raul Jimenez

Raul Jimenez

Using Elm's Json Decoders in Angular

Typescript type annotations give us compile-time guarantees, but at run-time, when data flows from the server to our clients, lots of things can go wrong. JSON decoders validate the JSON before it comes into our program. So if the data has an unexpected structure, we learn about it immediately. Json Decoders have gained popularity lately thanks to Elm. Elm's Json Decoders are a core part of the language, and they are used all over the place to ensure a smooth JS to Elm communication. Let's see how we can use Json Decoders in Angular.

Frontend Architect, Toptal | Spain

Raul is a Google Developer Expert in Angular, software engineer passionate about JS frameworks, web technologies and cross-platform development.
Raul works at his own company as a front-end architect for companies around the world helping them to build high-performance web apps. He's been converted to Functional Programming and now he's in an immutable state working with Angular, NGRX, RXJS and TypeScript. He lives in Barcelona and is happy by default :)

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