Angular Conference 2019
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Mark Pieszak

Mark Pieszak

Keynote Session: Rethinking Angular Architecture & Performance

Today's applications have more responsibility and higher expectations than ever before. We want immersive rich applications that do it all, while being lightning fast. The problem is, achieving this at scale seems to be tougher than we imagined. Let's take a step back and look at how different fundamental architectural approaches, setups, and rendering techniques can help us get there - but everything comes with its price.

NestJS Core Team, Angular Universal team, | USA

Mark Pieszak is the Co-Founder of Trilon (, and member of the NestJS Core Team & Angular Universal team. He has a passion for all things software development and open source - contributing to some of the largest open-source projects in ASP.NET , Angular, NestJS and many others.

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