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Jan-Niklas Wortmann

Jan-Niklas Wortmann

Practice makes perfect - when it comes to RxJS

RxJS is getting more popular every day. The amount of downloads from the public registry is enormous, with around 50 million downloads per month. But still, it’s pretty difficult to get into it.
By making a deep dive into a very advanced real-world example, one will experience the strengths of RxJS. Additionally, it will help everyone to establish a reactive mindset, which is definitely the most crucial skill needed for being efficient with RxJS. Together we are going to develop a fully-featured carousel implementation, heavily relying on RxJS. By attending this experience one will boost his knowledge about RxJS and especially establishing a reactive mindset leading to scalable and resilient software design. Paired with lots of live coding attendees will learn how to approach complex scenarios and how to solve them reactively.

RxJS Core Team | Germany

Jan-Niklas Wortmann is an IT consultant mostly working on Angular projects. He helps companies designing and implementing large scaled applications. Developing clean and maintainable code is one of his main goals. Additionally, he is a member of the RxJS Core Team and organizer of the NgNiederrh

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